Cleaning Marble & Granite Counters

Taking proper care of your marble and granite counters can seem like a simple task. Most big box stores have cleaners available that state they are safe for natural stone; however, most are not. Many of these “stone cleaners” have silica or some other word for silicone in them. Silicone based cleaners will gradually leave a haze on your stone. Have you ever noticed your counters looking greasy or can you run your finger across your counter and see the streak left behind? It’s the cleaner you are using.

Other big box cleaners have an acrylic in them, which on polished counter tops keeps them looking shiny. Yet again, over time you will end up with that hazy, greasy look and they will have to be professionally cleaned to remove what was left behind from your cleaner.

So what is the best course of action? Some say vinegar and water – NO! Vinegar is an acid and it will dull your stone, marble in particular, if it is polished as well as eat through your sealer. Others recommend using dish soap and water. This is a perfectly fine alternative as long as you are using plain dish soap and not the kind with aloe or that is scented. I also came across an article that suggested using rubbing alcohol, water and essential oil (to make it smell pretty). Rubbing alcohol and water is another good alternative but not with essential oils. The oil will only sit on top of the stone and, once again, leave a haze over time. It will also darken the stone (think of what happens to concrete when oil gets on it – same principle).

What do we recommend? Our restoration company spent years trying out different options and the best, eco-friendly (GREEN) product we have found is Stone Pro’s Crystal Clean Daily Cleaner. It is a pH neutral formula safe for any natural stone. What does pH neutral mean? Basically, it means the cleaning formula is neither acidic nor alkaline; pure water is pH neutral. To use Crystal Clean, simply spray it on your counter or rag and wipe. You’re done. The cleaner contains alcohol, which helps the cleaner evaporate quickly, leaving no streak marks or spots. The major plus side to Stone Pro’s Crystal Clean Daily Cleaner is its sealant additive, meaning every time you clean you are sealing and protecting your stone. Great for homeowners and business because it means less times you have to call out the professionals!



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